Sunday, 11 January 2009

Template Poems

I enjoy having poems that you can hold, that you can turn this way, that way, poems that are personal, yours. Template poems are of the instant: flip ahead in a book, plonk down the template poem so at least some words show through the window and enjoy the poem: the chances of finding it again are quite remote. When I discovered the below picture was quite blurry I couldn't find the page again.
I've created a number of these template poems, each with different 'window' designs. At the moment I've just been using lined-paper.

know lieutenant
one of the
picking up bits
bathroom back

olive branch
pretty spare,
wanting to be
he decided to
Lieutenant, you
head around
above the
mbarrassed to
got nothing at the
early days. Have
his initial
, and turned
is thick dark
plenty of bodies
partner Somers
he'd pin the

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