Monday, 6 April 2009

from Random Article

This writing a poem a day has inspired a new sequence in me. I'm creating a 3/4 line prose poem out of a random article page from wikipedia. Here are a few:

Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government

He has a significant and departmental head including those that have their own most visible technology-related formal John Ashworth Sir chaired by the sit, a cross-departmental issues and their own GO-Science he has Sir Solly Zuckerman.


SMS Hela hit amidships built by Vickers, Barrow and all but with three weeks Lieutenant-Commander Horton of the six miles at dawn on 13 September 1 June 1912 southwest in the Gulf of Finland of Grohara Light to avoid Helsinki was awarded August.

Paula Irvine

Paula Irvine is an NBC daytime drama is an on the June 22 is her portrayal is an of the second is known best from retiring the second Lily Blake Santa Barbara 1991 1993 1994 from acting from for her She is an American.

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