Monday, 21 September 2009

1982 - Johan de Wit - Jill and Phil

Dialoguelock visits Sherlock homes

Jill:       No early morning merger
Phil:     This time
            It takes rounds to count
Jill:       The connotations say play and dance
            With a word on a plate
            And a linen tissue fiddles a fragment
Phil:     This is a tail end of a week to be
            A promise of flames without end
Jill:       Endless around the corner of this year
Phil:     The Black Madonna travels from Russia to Spain
Jill:       By plane
Phil:     Economy class
Jill:       Super citizen
Phil:     Concorde sanserif
Jill:       Which could be true if truth is true
            That is the clue to your open mind
            Wounds a spunk machine speaks volumes
            At night
            I used to live with despair
            On the pillow of my voice
            And repair the back of my mind
Phil:     Say what you like
Jill:       Kiss where you come
Phil:     On the upper hand access from the rear
Jill:       Out of context
Phil:     Content
Jill:       Contest
Phil:     In control
Jill:       Could you limit
Phil:     A timid
Jill:       Dutch courage and French fries
Phil:     Embrace your cover
Jill:       Face your lover
Phil:     Seven stars soften soup and sweat
Jill:       I push it out
Phil:     You take it in
Jill:       I hold on
Phil:     I sleep rough
Jill:       I put it in
Phil:     You take it out
Jill:       Madness is not just big
            Beautifully well engined
            And surprisingly good value
            It has some brilliant hope-giving
            Time-saving features
Phil:     Exception dictionary
Jill:       One-day Thomas
Phil:     Quota
Jill:       Quotation
Phil:     Binary codes
Jill:       Par exemple
Phil:     The world’s longest fibre link
            Running for 200 miles with head fever
            Is now head down happy
Jill:       Leather boys on plastic bikes
Phil:     Fizz-fuss-folio one stop
Jill:       Land squarely constructed
Phil:     Underlease the lessee
Jill:       See the licensee
Phil:     A jumper on loan
Jill:       Slippers — size seven minus plus
Phil:     Home for home steams real coffee and filter tapes
Jill:       This line language follows sound
            Draws words in shallow places
            And occasionally hits a square
            Market down up the legs
Phil:     Meaning that actually reaches a place is dangerous
            But full of pleasures and takeoffs
Jill:       Surprises
Phil:     Duck soup books
Jill:       Ramshackle bumps
Phil:     Primer
Jill:       First
Phil:     Width and refinement looks
Jill:       Stocks
Phil:     Name and address
Jill:       Miss a mistake
Phil:     Pop corn
            Deseeded and sliced
Jill:       Bumper of foam
Phil:     Transmit bits and relocate vespers
Jill:       I leave the ship in your very capable hands
Phil:     Stop running around
Jill:       Naked in my arms
            Take over
Phil:     Please come
Jill:       Who is sacred
Phil:     We are
Jill:       Make it new
Phil:     Boobs and coups
Jill:       Ballast
Phil:     Chokes
Jill:       Sundries
Phil:     Starters

Johan de Wit, 1982

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