Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Journal Proposal

Poets will volunteer (they will!) to be the editor for their local scene. Scenes so far accounted for (though currently editorless):

South East - Brighton
Bristol/South West
North West - Liverpool/Manchester
North East - Nottingham
Poland/Denmark/Turkey - Marcus Slease

Volunteer editors will be given 3/4 pages to edit a selection of 3 poets’ work (this may include their own). This 3/4 page limit will not be explicit and is welcome to abuse.

The editors can each create/commission their own cover or use the online version (created/commissioned by the webmaster).

All editors will pool their editorials together via a “webmaster” - who will compile the pages and send it back out to the editors.

The editors will be responsible for printing, distributing & selling the journal at their scene - for example, through a specific reading, or by hawking it at any possible moment.

The journal will always be available online, under the care of the webmaster.

Once an issue has been completed, the volunteer editors must choose (or ask for volunteers) for a new editor from their scene. The revolving editorial process should limit favouritism and give poets a chance to edit who would not have the time to edit a regular journal. The webmaster will remain constant.

The journal will probably be called Cleave or Cleaves.

The journal should aim to be completed every 2 - 3 months.


The Help I Need

Suggestions of a title
Volunteer editors
This message spread to the corners of England & even . the world.
General thoughts/initial ideas

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