Thursday, 18 December 2008

Technologically Transcribed Poems...

Last year I experimented with dictating well-known poems, and even fragments of prose, to my computer (via macspeech) and leaving the results in the capable hands of microsoft word. Here are a couple you may enjoy, and in the words of one of the greatest living Australians... "Can you guess what it is yet?"

We am words,
Produce the Palm Westminster bridge tend to the current thank you know to

there has not anything to show more fat
dial witty be the soul who could cost by
aside so taxing in his majesty seven down
on this city now deaths, market, too wet you aren’t
the PC with the morning saddened then
ships Tyler is done is the ages and temples life
open onto the fields and to this guy
“bright and dates written in the smokers and.
Never did some will be to feast the
in his first spend their daddy wrong or hear
now at store I in the fact, so deep
the revered by this at his art and sweet will
the dogs! The very house is seen a sleek
and go back mighty hot to his lying still!

William Carlos Williams

This is just society

I’ve beaten
the Times
the ice box

In which
you will probably
the breakfast

Give me
they the delicious
so sweet to

Friend that are

Danny Lady Diana

1220 in New York and Friday
three days off the best deal to a
his 1959 I do that tissue showing
it is no gets off the for 19 East Hampton
but 715 and Bankers straight to dinner
if I don’t know the people who will feed me

I will drop the muddy streets beginning to sound
in town hamburger which is in buying
of the new world writing to see what the poets
I’m gonna are doing the state’s
we go on to the prime
this still lacking [those namely that I once had]
doesn’t even look up my parents who once in her life
he learned until the dollar to rescind I guess it’s over 9
for Pepsi with during his by born or will provide to
think of this year to transit recent letter will will
Brendan begins the plate and all the power can will it is makers
All gimmicks beside them to our stay within nine
positive practically Kansas City with clumsy this

in some might as a stroll into the proper lane
… still the DOS for positive strata parents you aren’t
then I go back where I came from to sixth avenue
and the tobacco used music field of bitter and their
Casey last four Carlson of the leases in the constant
both the cadence and in New York Post with her face and at

and I’m slicing law firm Merrill and thinking of
you aren’t leading the jungle in the finest popped
while she was the the songs along the keyboards
you aren’t tomorrow will to do that they won the guys stopped breathing

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