Monday, 22 June 2009

Summer Ball #4

A discarded tennis ball 'neath Platform 1, Barnes Station.

The collection of summer ball photos intends to portray the abrupt end of joy & playing. Gone are the halcyon days of "Hey mister, can we have our ball back?" and the one grumpy man who never returned the ball becoming a mythical figure of fear, hatred & loathing. Instead, everyone today is that grumpy, health & safety man and this, coupled with children's now consumerist nature ("we can always buy another one"), leads to quick abandonment. What happened to having the same ball, your favourite ball that betters with age? What happens to these abandoned balls? Will Sean Bonney change his blog name to Abandoned Balls? Could he do a series of hackney balls? When will these questions end? Does someone collect the abandoned balls? Do they play with them? Or do they sentence them to the tip, causing 2nd Abandonment? How many abandoned balls are out there? Can this short sequence of Summer Ball photos answer all this? and more? Should I stop now?


  1. Harry, another avenue for you...

    "In the later Middle Ages the beaver was a semi-fabulous beast; everybody knew that his fur was imported to make the best hats, and that when pursued he abandoned his testicles (the other commercial part of him) and so escaped." Oliver Racham, The History of the Countryside, p. 34.

  2. no, don't stop. Seriously this is a great sequence...

  3. ah, so when walking on a damp night you feel a crunch & a bit of slime. That is no snail - it is beaver ball!

    (My sister's hamster has quite big balls; I've tried chasing him but they don't want to fall off. Stand by for picture.)