Thursday, 6 August 2009

Dear Marian

Dear Marian

I shall miss the brick work

builders cracks &

poetic discourse on the

female versification but

Marian I shall not miss those

scaffolders & their pole holders

I'll rent a van &

return it draped in silks &

grapes if I only can

find a sausage dog hogtied & in

crushed velvet I droop into

wearisome peddaling of

third rate goods.


Dear Marian

I haven't left yet it

takes time to just

drop things & leave look

at Scotland Yard its a lot

bigger & not even outside

I have gambled all my money on

a second coming I hope

I have the stamina

My hart is a forester forced

to walk on its hands while

o veer the limit

I ken, I ken,



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