Monday, 3 August 2009

This week

...I will mostly be traversing the south-west.

More guest summer balls will posted.

I have begun the Robin Hood sequence of sonnets. I'm not sure where I'm going with them. They're in the form of letters from RH to Marian & he is outlawing himself from the city. The sequence starts of detailing city life & will juxtapose this with detailing the wild life - which I guess I'll get round to writing when I do the same thing.

Dear Marian

I pissed on the toilet seat

again and on my shoes the

splatter forming unfound droplets

and sniff this stuff. Today is

brought by radio and writing is

ob or oblivious o

it leaked through the holes

my socks is wet the socks

thou didst knit that summer

to spite me O

little lady on a scooter stop

shouting at the hills, son,

he said cunny so save it.

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