Saturday, 16 January 2010

Experiments in Deconstruction : Door Mat

Door Mat

The poem is taped into the position a doormat would take for one week.


The poem is worn and dirty, torn and gritty.

 Effect on Reading:

Many words of the poem have been altered or worn away leading to significant changes in the reading of the text: "Oce is aiways closer to a shd response...", "...sceptics claim poetics i super to an chef whip being tested...", "...relayed through an imp array...", "regrettable lapss of concentration". The poem has become playful, creating figures within a poem that has previously been empty of (with the exception of the "unauthorised bystanders"). The mud marks can be read as stresses ("tantrums") and this makes for a lively reading, though leaves you feeling dirty by the end.

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