Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Experiments in Deconstruction : Shredded


The poem is processed through a shredder.

Result :

Effect on Reading :

The poem has been converted into many thin poems, prompting the reader to explore and focus on selected phonetics of the language. The reader also has to take care when handling the poems, for fear of losing them, they are so delicate yet flexible and meaty. Once they are held, the reader cannot wait to begin the reading.
shop/ny /d o/ c/e of/nlist/n th/bsu/rate/d ap/ w p/red/rs a/ough/h s/ its/ist /ped/ange/tlin/ressc/from/c, o/be r
The reader is able to give a convincing performance, getting the mouth around the sounds and utilising the spaces, the reading could last much longer than that of the original poem. It is an effective deconstruction, providing the reader with plenty of material to work with. Very few words remain complete, giving the recognition that this is a scrap of a poem, not just an alphabet of sounds.

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