Sunday, 23 May 2010


- Clifford Spencer Godwin born at home 13/5/2010. He is beautiful & sleeping.

- Design for Cleaves 3 going well, should be a very innovative approach towards displaying poetry online compared to most journals.

- Plans for future Cleaves getting professional - will apply for funding etc.

- Still no job in the west country.

- Slug attacks Celery, eats one leaf.

- I have this news from Openned-meet-slugboy-Linus-coalition:

Table @ Café 1001

Last year a lot of poets and small press publishers on this list were very generous in donating a lot of books to the Openned Land For Lajee Reading (Oct 2009) so we could raise money to send to the Lajee Centre in Palestine.
An opportunity has come up that will allow us to say thank you to you all once more in a much more material way: the Openned Table @ Café 1001.
Openned is setting up a book table in conjunction with Café 1001 in London's East End.
Openned will have a presence at Café 1001 on the first Saturday of every month. The first event is on Saturday 5th June and runs from 12 - 6 pm.
Attendance is free as long as you bring one book to donate to Café 1001's Book Orphanage. The book orphanage is a large bookshelf in the main bar space where anyone can wonder in and read a book, for free, and then put it back on the shelf for the next person to read.
Alongside the selling of books on the Openned Table (which is in fact two tables, and more if we need it) there will also be some very short three-minute Openned Readings throughout the day.
This is a real opportunity for us as a community to claim a regular physical space in London for the exchange, and perhaps more importantly the sale, of our poetry. So please, if you are a poetry publisher or a magazine editor, interested in selling your books at the Openned Table, or even a poet interested in reading at the event or donating poetry books for free to the Book Orphanage, or for sale at the table, please Contact us ( Priority will be given to those offering new works of poetry that have been published in little magazines or by small presses.
Lots has to be worked out in a short amount of time, such as how to get the books to Steve (located in Whitechapel, London) within two weeks and how to get the money back to the individual publishers that wish to sell books on the Openned Table. We are putting the word out now to give us time to organise this with interested parties.
Openned will be taking no cut from any of this activity. You set the rates. All money goes back to the publishers/poets. All we ask is that one book is donated to the Book Orphanage.
We hope to see you there.
Linus, Steve & Alex

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