Sunday, 27 December 2009

Experiments in Deconstruction : Burnt

The poem is lit with a match.


The poem was not engulfed as much as expected (hoped). This could be due to any number of factors.
The flame bit a jagged, butterfly shape into the paper, obscuring words and creating new meanings in sentences: "Poetics is [...] try this side of the Atlantic," & "glorified acceptence of [.]nes [...] by the front desk". Wafts of 'what's that burning smell?' hit the readers nose, distracting them from the reading at hand. Overall, a rather pretty result, but with quite a disappointing effect on the reading itself.


  1. Burn moar poems! Film them from above so we canz read them while they burnz!

  2. I lacked the necessary third hand to film this time - I shall try again soon!